Ski Day

Beffie cutting hard

We managed to get out and ski a little Saturday. Beth is making some really good turns on her left side. It was really too rough for skiing, though.

Beffie wiping out

I used to always say that is you don’t bust, you aren’t really trying.

Jamie and Kacie

Jamie, Kacie, Brannon, and Brannon’s girlfriend Kelsey (sp?) went with us. Jamie got right up her first time, even though it’s been a while since she skiied. She also kneeboarded with no trouble. Brannon got up on a slalom ski for the first time. With his size, balance, and athleticism, it was no problem at all. Kelsey can ski and will next time, but she had soccer tryouts and Brannon had a baseball game, so they left early.

We’re going back on the water Sunday.


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