On the Boat for the First Time

We took the boat out today for the first time this year and went alone, as is our tradition. There are two many things that can go wrong the first time or two out. I had C&S Marine replace the water pump this past week (actually, Rhonda did) because it wasn’t picking water right. Once again, I didn’t winterize it and it ran just fine with the old $1.80 gas left over from last summer (I did mix in 7 gallons of $3.55 premium). The only time I’ve ever had trouble with the boat in the spring is the time after I winterized it…I fouled all the plugs on the first trip out.

We went on the main lake up to mile marker 5 and just drifted. Before loading the boat, we idled up into Main Harbor to look at the construction. Guess what? There is no construction. I don’t know if that development will ever happen.

I managed to keep up with all my email.

The clouds were more spectacular than my little “girl camera” could capture.

Speaking of spectacular…




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