Boating in November

We took advantage of 80 degree weather to do some boating today. RC and I floated around a bit, then met Brad and Auburn at the Pelican Grill. Once again, there were no pelicans, but there was a duck.


Earlier in the morning, we left the bow cover on and shut the door that blocks the bow from the main part of the boat. That made it perfectly comfortable with temperatures in the 60s. After lunch, it was still kinda cool for the kids riding in the bow once you added a 50 mph wind chill:


Gracie seemed to really enjoy herself. She’s an honest to goodness boat dawg.





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  • Laura

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful “boating in November” photos! Quick but funny story..the exact same day yall were on the res in MS, I was on the bayou in Louisiana. And I’m pretty sure we hit a wave and water rushed into our boat and DRENCHED me, mom, her bf, and his son, Beau. We definitely felt a little chilly at that point! ha. And to make matters WORSE, we lost an i-phone and a camara due to the water damage. Oh. And it gets WORSE, if that seems possible at this point. To top off the day, the motor went out and we had to be pulled in by another boat! What a day! No more boating on Nov. 2nd for me!!! hahahaha! Just thought I’d share!

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