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Abby takes up quite a bit of time, so we just stopped posting to this blog, even though soon after we got Abby, we also bought a condo in Perdido, started fixing it up (actually Rhonda and my maw-in-law fixed it up), went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and had a Halloween party, after which we took Brad to see Larry the Cable Guy in Vicksburg in January 2010 and Rodney Carrington in February 2010, both of whom hurt my ribs, but they didn’t hurt as much as the BP oil spill in April, after which church service in Perdido was converted to a community meeting, and the guest speaker was a ex-EPA and Navy guy who basically said life in Perdido was over, so I had a long walk on the beach, then cried with a lady from Birmingham who had, with her husband, invested in 3 condos in the area, but it turns out the hugging and crying was gratuitous as all is well on our island, so we came home and helped host a 60th anniversary party for my parents in April 2010, then went to the beach with good friends in May, but my mom’s disease was getting worse, so we looked to find someone to help them out with cooking and so on, but were able to go see the Blue Angels in July 2010 from an awesome vantage point on the water….awesome until the summer thunderstorm hit, but the storm cleared up by October, so Rhonda took my mom, Aunt Doris and Aunt Gloria to the beach and they enjoyed their first pedicures before Drake (my brother’s dawg) came to live with us in the fall while my brother addressed his health issues and ultimately lost Drake to old age and a leg to diabetes complications, but seems to be adjusting okay, eating better now that Rhonda and my sister Carolyn (who quit her job and moved in to help my parents and David) are cooking for him and he can’t go through Wendy’s drive-through as the lane is not wheelchair accessible, so Rhonda cooks enough for an army now and takes dinners to SoJack to help them out, when she’s not helping my Aunt Winsel and Uncle Les as their health has declined in the past two years since my last post (remember that last post about Abby?), but we were able to get away to West Palm Beach in December, which we liked a lot, but not as much as we like Perdido, which we will be able to visit way more in late May and June, as most of my work travel is in the first part of the year, as I have been to Orlando twice already and just got back from San Francisco and wrote this blog post.


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  • JT

    Y’all crazy, seriously.

  • Gabbie's Mom

    …I’m tired now…and what no mention of Abby’s bff Gabbie.

  • Joshua Williams

    Single longest sentence I’ve ever seen. Although the ellipse technically counts as a sentence terminator…. somehow you made it work.


  • Welcome back. Bout time…

  • Laura

    I agree with Farrah. Welcome back. Remember when I told you after that church service that I STILL had faith that everything was going to be okay? You looked at me and made some sarcastic remark (which totally isn’t you). This took place BEFORE your walk on the beach. Isn’t this the point where I insert —> I TOLD YOU SO! Everything always works out in the long run if you have faith. =)

    I’m so thankful that Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Carolyn have put their best foot forward in helping Uncle Hawg and the grandparents. Happy 61st anniversary Mamaw and Papaw C! Looks like I will be taking a trip to MS soon, and I will be seeing you and the Auntie (although the boat is still in Perdido). Lol.

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