Au Revoir, Old Water Garden

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Many, many years ago when we were young and stoopid, we thought a water garden under the oak trees (note that detail…it’s part of the plot line) would be a fine thing indeed. I blogged about it way back then, here, here, and here.

In 2005, the water garden was producing lilies so beautiful that Beth thought they looked fake, but they were definitely real. This is one of my favorite photos ever, and it was taken in my backyard water garden.


IMG 0490
Img 0701

During the water garden’s early life, we were careful to clean the oak tree leaves out of the garden in the fall, scooping regularly and even using mesh to catch the leaves. We were less enthusiastic by the second fall. By the third fall, entropy set in, crushing our will to scoop leaves with the same force that I imagine a swimming pool owner experiences. The oak trees produced 14 contractor-size bags of oak leaves…every day. Rhonda and Abby spent every weekend cleaning out leaves and frogs and snakes.

The killer blow was yet to come. After we spent a little time with a superior water feature in the backyard, the fate of the water garden was sealed.

Perdido 2009 from Bruce Corkern on Vimeo.

We brought in four yards of dirt and put Abby to work spreading it. Next, Rhonda recycled the rocks and added more rounded rocks, along with a nice, bright red vase. It was exhausting watching Rhonda moving two tons of rocks over the last couple of weekends, but in the end, it was worth it.

IMG 1363

Abby is happy and we are free to go to the beach.

Abby’s Fountain from Bruce Corkern on Vimeo.


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