Au Revoir, Vintage iPad

I had decided not to trade in my vintage iPad as I just couldn’t see enough changes to justify upgrading. Fate intervened. While at the NAREIT Law and Accounting Conference, I saw that a vendor was giving away an iPad. Alas, it required the traditional business card dropped into the goldfish bowl. After changing to a smaller purse backpack for the trip, I had not transferred my business card stash. Therefore, I had only one business card available to me, the one in my Big Skinny (more about the Big Skinny another day). With a mid-afternoon drawing, I waited until 2pm to throw my card in the bowl.

Eureka, a few days after I returned home, a brand new iPad (original) arrived at my office. I let it sit for a couple of weeks without opening it. I couldn’t help but notice that a few of my most used apps (Omnifocus for iPad, OmniGraffle, iAnnotate) were kinda slow on my original iPad. After thinking about it a while, I sold it (400 deer!) and applied that to a new one. Oh, yeah, I needed the HDMI adapter. Gotta have a cool leather cover. I like having a dock. Gotta have 3G as I have an unlimited 3G plan I don’t want to give up. Need 32 gig as I always have 8 or 9 gig free, but not 16 gig. At least I can reuse my existing camera connection. So….$926.62 later, new ipad 2 was ordered. When am I gonna learn to buy Apple stock instead?

A day later, I had a bit of buyer’s remorse when I thought about Rhonda’s MacBook Air. Curse Apple. As I logged on to cancel the order, I saw they had already shipped all the peripherals. Also, the iPad 2 wasn’t quite as close in price to the Air as I thought. I decided to roll with the flow and accept delivery of the iPad 2.

Switching over to the new iPad was way easier than I anticipated. Here’s a hint for all the kiddies out there…encrypt your backups for your iPhone or iPad. If you do, your passwords are backed up and will be transferred to your new device. If you don’t, you will have to come up with random wireless passwords you have long since forgotten. I backed up the vintage model with encryption enabled, then restored to the new shinier, faster, more sudsy iPad 2. However, all my carefully arranged icons (I have a lot of apps) were in random order. Remembering a tip I read somewhere, I synced once again and all was back to normal, except that FaceTime and PhotoBooth pushed the last two apps on my home screen to screen 2, all by themselves. That’s kinda pushy….but easy to fix.

I assumed that switching my 3G plan could not possibly be as easy since AT&T would be involved. Incorrect. When I Googled the issue, some people, including MacWorld, recommended moving the SIM card from the old iPad to the new one. Other sites suggested I could just log into my plan from the new iPad and enter two numbers that are found in the Settings app under General, About. I took a picture of the IMEI and ICCID numbers using my iPhone, then entered those numbers where required after logging onto my AT&T account on the new iPad 2 (Settings app, then choose Cellular Data). Nothing happened at first. I turned off both iPads, then turned both on. The old one had no service and the new one picked up right in the middle of the billing cycle of the old one.

Ain’t life grand!


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