Memorial Day Weekend

As we are wont to do, we headed for the beach for Memorial Day (inclusive…not being one to cut a beach trip short). Beth and Eric joined us for part of the time and scored a major coupe on a painting that was formerly hanging on the wall at Cosmo’s, but now has moved southeast to my wall. It’s not “Dawgs Playing Poker”, but it’ll do in a pinch. A blog post will be forthcoming.

After taking the “kids” to Bird Island (just north of Robinson Island and visible from the bridge over the Perdido Pass) on Saturday and the Sugar Bowl on Sunday, we left dawgs and kids behind to anchor out from Johnson Beach on Memorial Day. It’s a short walk to the beach side (if you grew up walking to the south side of Ship Island) and we had our beach cart which transports everything automagically. After being fooled about shallow and deep spots by the dark algae on the bottom, we anchored the bow in 6+ feet of water and the stern in 4 feet (enough to protect the motor, but shallow enough to allow us to transport stuff to shore without swimming. In the process, I lost one boat shoe that floated off into deeper water, and so determined to give the other one to my brother David. Alas, the remaining one points the wrong way.

We walked to the other side. A couple on the west side of us followed shortly and stayed on the beach side for about 5 minutes. A family on the east side came over for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, it was deserted. On. Memorial. Day. A boat is a beautiful thang.

I only walked across the island to check on the boat once, and this was the view:

IMG 3730

After we thoroughly enjoyed our picnic lunch and beverages on the beach side, we hiked back to have some watermelon while swinging on the anchor. The colors in this picture make it one of my favorites of the last week:

IMG 3731


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  • Alice Smith

    water at beach was beautiful and so was the watermelon. yum yum

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