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Keeping up with huggers in the condo is a chore, so I figured I would solve it once and for all by purchasing two dozen and distributing around the condo and boat. A place called Kustom Koozies let me buy customized ones in small quantities and they wound up charging about $3.50 each for some high quality huggers. If I had understood the art charge correctly, I would have gotten 48 and lowered the cost to $1.75 each.

Kustom Koozie

In his native environment

Afterwards, I got this nice letter from them:


Dear Bruce Corkern,

We sure miss our koozies, but know that they are in great hands. We hope you are enjoying them and are using them as they should be.

Care and use instructions:

  • Remove from safe/lockbox or display Case
  • Insert beverage of choice
  • Enjoy cool drink
  • Repeat
  • Return to above mentioned safe location
  • Enjoy for many years

It was our pleasure to be of service to you. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

If they need more friends for another occasion, please feel free to call on us. We would love to help. www.kustomkoozies.com

Please send pictures of our koozies doing what they do best and we will feature them in our Koozies Having Fun Gallery!!!

Twitter us at http://twitter.com/koozies.

Again, thank you for your business.

Bob Liddle
CEO/First Tester Kustom Koozies



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